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Spencer Ames MS, L.A.c., Dipl. OM, FMP

Founder, Director

Spencer earned a Masters of Science degree in Oriental Medicine from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2009, and received his B.A. in Integral Psychology with a minor in Ethnobotany from Prescott College. Much of his undergraduate studies of ethnobotany took place in Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States. In Central America he worked to set up an ethnobotanical and cultural studies program to connect undergraduate students with traditional healers in indigenous communities. Spencer has studied with teachers from a variety of indigenous and alternative medicine traditions, with a focus on mind-body therapy.

Prior to becoming an Oriental Medicine practitioner Spencer's professional experience includes working as a substitute preschool teacher, a behavioral interventionist for children with severe emotional and social disorders, a facilitator in a youth crisis shelter, a Certified Nurses Assistant in a nursing home as well as in a hospice, a caretaker for adults with disabilities, a caretaker and retreat coordinator at several meditation retreat centers, a rattlesnake relocation specialist, as an herbalist and grower of plant medicines, a performer in a traveling circus, and as a group coordinator and direct care interventionist at a inpatient substance abuse clinic.

Spencer is an NCCAOM certified in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and is licensed by the states of Colorado and Utah. He is certified in Clean Needle acupuncture technique, has been a proctor for the national Clean Needle exam, and is trained as a Certified Nurses Assistant. 

He has further developed his practice of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine through continued studies and training with master teachers in Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion, Shonishin pediatric treatments, Dr. Shi Xue-Min’s Stroke Rehabilitation Protocol, treatment of pain and muscular skeletal disorders, acupuncture for trauma, and Auricular medicine. 

Spencer is a nationally certified Chinese Herbalist with over 18 years of herbal medicine studies and training in Eastern, Western and other global herbal traditions. He has studied with traditional and indigenous medicine doctors from the Northwest and Southwest of the US, Belize, Mexico, India, Tibet, Tanzania, Cambodia, Japan and China. Spencer has a lifelong passion for the study and practice of natural and herbal medicine which he is continually exploring from both a traditional and modern scientific perspective. 

Spencer is the founder and director of Clear Stream Integrative Medicine, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides community education in all aspects of health, including the health of the planet, communities, cultures and individuals. Clear Stream also provides Oriental Medicine treatments and community health education for underserved populations  both locally and globally. Before going into private practice he was the co-founder of Berkeley Community Acupuncture in the Denver Highlands. Spencer is a professor and assistant clinical supervisor at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He sits on the board of the Lapis Buddha Foundation, which works to support doctors of Tibetan Medicine in the West. Spencer was the project director for Clear Stream Integrative Medicine’s education and treatment program in Tanzania. In 2014-2015 he lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where he had an acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practice and developed a program to assist traditional Cambodian traditional medicine practitioners to practice, preserve and promote their unique tradition. 

Currently Spencer practices acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, and Functional medicine at East West Health in Salt Lake City, Utah. As part of an integrative and Functional Medicine team Spencer brings together the best of Eastern and Western medicine to offer patients access to a complete and truly holistic health care.

Mariko Frame PhD


Lead Researcher, Community Organizer

Dr. Mariko Frame is a political economist with extensive experience in interdisciplinary social science research, publishing, and lecturing on socio-ecological issues. Her expertise is on the impact of politics, economics, and policy on the environment. She has over five years of experience researching and publishing in top academic journals in the fields of political ecology and industrial ecology, and over four years of teaching experience, including over two years at the university level. She received her master’s and doctoral degrees in international studies with fields in international political economy and political theory from the University of Denver, and her bachelor’s degree in physics and South Asian Studies. She has over fifteen years of experience living, studying, working and researching in Tanzania, India, Cambodia, and China.  She is a strong advocate for environmental activism, and has volunteered with environmental and civil society organizations in Cambodia, and currently, in Utah.  She also has a deep interest in understanding the negative impacts of our modern lifestyles and rapidly escalating ecological crises on our health and psychological well-being, and the potential of traditional Asian approaches such as qi gong and Zen meditation for mitigating these impacts. 

Mariko combines her community organizing experience with a deep knowledge of empirical reasearch methodologies to allow Clear Stream to provide social, political, economic and environmental research for communities and organizations around the globe. She plays a key role at Clear Stream by bringing together information, experts, community and organizations to address some of our greatest environmental, social and health challenges. 

Isshaela Ingham MS, MA

Director of development

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Isshaela Ingham has an MS in Oriental Medicine and an MA in Liberal Studies. She was introduced to Iyengar yoga and Oriental Medicine in 2000 and Medical Qigong in 2007. She has worked in the student clinic, herbal pharmacy and medical library at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She also has taught and studied Iyengar yoga since 2001 and practices under the close guidance of a well-respected east/west doctor and Level IV qigong master.

The integration of effective healing modalities has inspired her work in the field of Oriental Medicine and in her classes she focuses on healing the mind, body and emotions at a subtle level. Isshaela has her own practice through which she focuses on Tui Na (a form of Asian meridian massage) and tailors herbology, qigong and yoga for her patients. Currently she teaches qi yoga at Living Yoga Denver and qi gong at the Oriental Art of Healing.

Isshaela continually promotes the education of Asian healing modalities through public education and women's support groups and has spoken at several educational and cultural institutions in the Denver area. Isshaela is a marketing consultant for the Oriental Art of Healing and the Yao Clinic as well as other local practices. She is on the board of the Asian Art Association at the Denver Art Museum and is a Treasurer and Director of Development for Clear Stream Integrative Medicine through which she focuses on fund-raising and educational programming for the community.  In 2015 she founded the program "Medicine as Art" that cross-educates local and national art and medical communities and produced its first full-day program at the Denver Art Museum. 

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